Handshake Offers Suggestions On How To Find A Job

  • Complete a full profile on Handshake.
  • You should also sign up with other career related sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed.
  • Once on the sites, reach out to recruiters.
  • Check out your college’s career center to find job openings.
  • Tap into the alumni network, as senior level executives are oftentimes happy to help out a person starting their career.
  • Start building a network of people who can help each other in their job searches.
  • By cultivating a network of mutually supportive people, it will leverage your ability to find job leads and connections at the companies you want to work with.
  • Prepare a resume, and ask people to review it before it’s sent out.
  • Have an elevator pitch — it’s like a commercial as you concisely tell the interviewer why you are perfect for the job within thirty to forty seconds.
  • You need to be bold, assertive and reach out to companies directly.
  • Find fast growing sectors that need talent, and are aggressively hiring quickly.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others, otherwise you risk getting discouraged and depressed.
  • If your roommate or friends are getting interviews, while you are not, it could be due to the season. For instance, Wall Street, tech and management consultants get hired in the fall, so if you are in a different field it’s reasonable that you wouldn’t be receiving interviews or job offers.
  • Attend career events, and introduce yourself to the representative of the company. Follow-up with an email if they didn’t get back to you.
  • If you majored in a liberal arts, but want to pivot to something else, put together a pitch that makes your academic background relevant to the field and job you want.
  • The timeline for finding a job is different for everyone. If you are hitting dead ends, don’t give up, and keep trying.



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